Conference or Holiday on Käringön


On this fascinating island, situated right out on the Swedish western sea coast, we have created a conference place which is genuine, stylish and exclusive. Here is a place, where being near to the sea, the silence and the landscape make for a very special setting for

your visit.


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The Company


Sanmark Consulting AB


is a company that specializes in corporate and organisational development internationally.


We have achieved high levels of competency based on many years of experience. Our business activi-ties are based on a result- oriented approach combined with a humanistic approach.


Our primary goal is to help companies and organisations to achieve their maximum potential by empower those working in the organisation.



Sanmark Consulting is a con-sultancy company run by Annika Sanmark.


Sanmark Consulting use a network of skilled and experienced consultants.


We design tailor-made programmes based on your your requirements.


We always use the best possible combination of consultants to meet needs.


We would like you to experience first hand our skills and work methods in organisational devel-opment and see what we can do for your company.


We can assist you to deal with issues of concern, problems that need to be resolved and organ-isational change allowing you to achieve your corporate vision.

We work on the basis of yours and the organisation's needs and that reality you are located in. We work through fairy curse back, exercises and elucidating theory.


The need and the reality govern!

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Sanmark Consulting • Tandåsplatsen 4 • 412 66 Göteborg Telefon 031–40 40 34
Fax 031–833 544 • Mobil 0708–833 544 • E-mail

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